Assessment Care Planning & Review Policy

Assessment Care Planning & Review Policy


Prior to the commencement of care EHCS will receive an assessment form Care Management highlighting any concerns or issues that need to be addressed in the provision of care.

These assessments will play an important role in care planning.  The care plan will be designed to address any assessment issues. E.g. moving and handling, feeding toileting that the service user needs and preferences.

 EHCS will complete a referral form to highlight the important tasks and preferences that need to be attended to whilst delivering care.

EHCS will prior to the commencement of care carry out a safety at work environment risk assessment making sure that it is safe for staff to attend in a particular house.

EHCS will also carry out a moving and handling assessment ensuring the user’s safety and that of the care teams attending.

EHCS will insist that S&E Trust provide a form of assessment and care plan highlighting the needs and preferences of the service user.


Prior to the commencement of care EHCS will visit the service user and discuss the care plan. This will include how the service user would like the care to be provided highlighting specific preferences.

EHCS will want as much input form the user and their signed consent that they will receive all that has been discussed. 

The trust will also provide a care plan which EHCS will break down to specific tasks which will be explained to staff during their induction to a new service user.


All care plans will be reviewed on a 6 monthly basis and any changes or improvements will be forwarded on to the appropriate care teams and a copy sent to the service user.

A review can be at any time if the user feels there has to be any changes to the care plan.  EHCS can also call a review to discuss any changes EHCS feels is necessary.

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