CDI – 1

Steps to Be Taken Following Notification of Clostridium Difficile Case associated with Community, Primary care and/or Emergency Dept Setting

Initial Steps
Admin Staff
• On receiving Lab report please confirm patient’s current location (Inpatient /N/home/ own home)
• Pass lab report to Duty Officer with Clostridium difficile infection proforma / risk assessment for Community cases within Nursing/Residential and GP Primary Care and Emergency Dept settings CDI-2 and CDI -3
• When completed by Duty officer, leave in CDI action tray in duty room to be collected by information staff Monica/ Nicola who will enter into HCAI web surveillance system, when entered admin staff should file in CDI folder in date order and complete excel sheet.
• Admin staff should check daily that forms are completed and filed as above.
• Email a copy of the Clostridium difficile management pack to the respective nursing home when requested by the duty officer (CDI-4)

Duty Officer
• Complete CDI proforma /risk assessment for CDI notifications from Nursing/Residential Homes/GP settings and Emergency Dept (CDI -2)

Forms must be completed on same day as lab report received.

Nursing Homes
• Complete CDI proforma and Risk Assessment Form – Nursing Homes CDI-2 + CDI-3
• Inform Nursing Home Manager/relevant HPN/ICN (Refer to information for respective Trust protocols located at back of CDI folder)
• Ensure a copy of Clostridium difficile management pack is e-mailed to the respective nursing home (CDI-4) by admin staff.

Important to note if other cases have been reported within the same home

• When phoning the surgery to obtain details request 10-minute telephone time slot with GP giving the receptionist name/dob of patient and a brief synopsis of information required from patients notes ie: antibiotic history, recent hosp admissions dates.

Emergency Department
• Check first if the patient has been admitted to acute setting
if yes→ assume that acute staff will log surveillance information
if no → complete risk assessment/proforma this will involve contacting
GP (as above)

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