Equality Issues

To prevent discrimination in the work place the following areas must be adhered to:

It is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of:

• Sex, including pregnancy and maternity
• Material status, including civil partnership status
• Gender reassignment
• Disability
• Race
• Age
• Sexual orientation
• Religion/belief or lack of
• Trade union membership or non-membership
• Status as fixed term or part time worker

Anti –discrimination legislation applies to:

• Job applicants
• Employees, other workers e.g. agency and casual

Types of discrimination:

• Direct discrimination – treating somebody less favourably on the grounds of their sex, race etc.
• Indirect discrimination – applying a rule which in practice disadvantages one sex, race etc.
• Harassment
• Victimisation – treating someone unfairly, for example, they plan to raise a discrimination related grievance or they support someone in raising a grievance.

Where discrimination can occur:

• Recruitment
• Terms and conditions
• Promotions and transfers
• The provision of training
• Dismissal


EHCS will up hold and monitor this policy as an ongoing concern.

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