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You may be able to get funding for your support at home from your local authority or local HSC Trust. What they will do first is carry out some assessments to determine what care and support you need, and whether you are eligible for funding.


If you are paying privately for your care, we will agree with you a clear payment structure when we come to visit you. We will agree how regularly you would like invoiced and setup a suitable payment date. Our invoices will be detailed so you can see a full break down of the cost.

We will also draw a Service User agreement and support plan detailing what we will do at each visit.


If NHS funding is available in your local HSC Trust area, the main methods of funding are: 

• Directly through HSC Trust
• Direct payments


If your local Primary Care Trust allocate to you a personal budget, you probably won't pay anything directly yourself. However, because it is important that you manage your budget, we will discuss with you how your local system works and what it allows for. The situation will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that you remain in control of your budget and how it is used. You can choose to draw your personal budget as direct payments.

If you don't wish to manage your personal budget, you may choose a service provider such as Essential Homecare Services to do this for you. We will then operate your personal budget (known as your Individual Service Fund), on your behalf, although you are still in control of how the money is spent. 

If the NHS is supporting your care at home funding, you should not need to get involved with the bills because we will deal directly with your local Primary Care or HSC Trust on your behalf. 

Your local Primary Care or HSC Trust may offer a choice of funding method. They should provide you with full details so that you can decide which you prefer. 


Depending on your own preference, you are able to pay for your care in a number of ways, such as cheque, cash or internet banking payment. We will discuss this with you during the initial visit.


If you opt to receive direct payments, they will be made directly to you by your local HSC. You will then be responsible for making payments for your support by using that money. We will discuss with you a personal support plan that enables you to best manage your budget so that you can use it most effectively. It's a popular method because it gives you much greater control over how your support is planned and delivered.


If you are eligible for support from your local HSC Trust, a social worker will guide you through the ways in which they can help, and explain the methods of funding that are available to you. Some information about local HSC Trust funding methods is are given here. We work closely with local HSC Trusts and we can also help to explain the various funding methods to you when we give you details of our charges. If you will be paying privately, we will explain the various payment methods you can use. 

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