Statement of Engagement – Bank Staff

This Statement, together with the attached Policies and Procedures, set out particulars of the main terms on which ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES will operate the agreement.


Your legal status is that of a ‘worker’. You are not engaged under a contract of employment and nothing in this statement is to be taken to create a contract of employment between you and ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES. . You are not an employee of ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES.

No other period of engagement preceding this one is taken into account.


You are engaged as a Social Care Worker and your duties will be as advised by ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team. Your duties may be modified from time to time to suit the needs of the business.


Your engagement is not subject to a probationary period.


Any work that you accept from the ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES will be carried out at/from the Homes of ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES assigned Service Users . You will not be required to work outside the United Kingdom.


Work will be offered to you on an "ad hoc" basis as and when work is available. You are free to accept or decline such offers of work. You are not guaranteed continuous work and we are under no obligation to offer you further or particular periods of work. If we no longer have a need for your services, our use of your services will cease without further payment in accordance with the notice provisions set out in this statement. No contract shall exist between ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES and yourself in the periods between agreed periods of work. Due to the nature of your engagement, the hours of work to be offered to you are variable. Work may be offered to you on an hourly, daily, weekly or other basis. Because you are able to decline offers of work, you are not required to work on any day. When work is offered, it may be on any day of the week. When work is offered on any of the following days, it will be between the hours of:
MONDAY - SUNDAY from 7.30am - 12pm

Actual working hours will be notified to you via ESSENTIAL HOMCARE SERVICES staff broadcast list in advance.

Although there is no requirement for the ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES to offer you work and no requirement on you to accept it when offered, we expect you to fulfil any periods of work that you have agreed to do and failure to do so may be seen by ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES as a breach of contract and render you liable to repay, by deduction from pay or other means, any additional costs incurred by ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES (see below under REMUNERATION). If, for any reason, you are unable to fulfil agreed periods of work, you must notify us immediately. Although you are free to engage in work with other organisations, if you already have or are considering any additional work, you should notify us so that we can discuss any implications arising from the current working time legislation.


Payment will be made weekly. Due to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES operating on a digital rota system your working hours will be paid from an hour’s report. Non-submission or incorrectly completed documentation or the absence of appropriate HMRC documentation will result in delayed payment. Statutory deductions such as income tax and NI contributions will be made from any payments made to you. Deductions from pay will be made for overpayments, defective work, damage to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES, employees’ or workers’ property or premises, failure to return any ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES property which is in your possession or for which you have responsibility and for the additional costs of covering your work should you fail to fulfil a period of work that, once offered to you, you have agreed to undertake or fail to give the agreed advanced notification to end an agreed period of work. Deductions will be made from the next payment due and/or any monies outstanding at the end of your engagement. If outstanding monies are insufficient to cover the entire deduction Any queries regarding payment should be raised with ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team.

As well as being paid for working hours on a weekly basis, if you are employed as a driver you will receive 35 pence for each mile travelled during working hours. This mileage allowance will be calculated by Essential Homecare Services online rota system (One Plan) by the use of google maps.

No collective agreements directly affect the terms upon which you are engaged.

There are no benefits which apply to your engagement.

Your leave year commences on 1 January each year. You are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid annual leave per leave year. For part year engagements, your actual annual leave entitlement will be calculated with reference to the length of time worked. You should give at least 2 week’s notice via email of your intention to take holidays and 2 weeks written notice is required for odd single days. Such notice should be given to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team. The ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES will allocate agreed leave dates to take account of business needs and the arrangements made by other workers and our own employees to ensure operational efficiency. The ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES reserves the right to refuse leave requests if they conflict with the needs of the business and may, with due notice, require that you take your annual leave on specified dates. Annual leave must be taken in the leave year in which it is accrued. You will not be allowed to carry over any annual leave into a subsequent leave year. You will not be entitled to any payment for bank holidays or public holidays unless you are actually required to work them or they are taken as part of your annual leave entitlement. Your holiday pay will be calculated on the basis of a week’s pay for each week of leave. Where your earnings fluctuate, your holiday pay will be based on your average earnings over the previous 52 weeks.

You are not entitled to any further paid leave other than that which is covered elsewhere in this document.

Any sickness absence taken is paid in line with the current SSP scheme. No further payment is made by ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES in relation to periods of sickness absence. Any absence, for whatever reason, must be reported at the earliest opportunity on the day in question to enable any necessary alternative arrangements to be made. Such notification should be made personally to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team. If your sickness extends to more than seven days you are required to notify us of your continued incapacity once a week thereafter.

At the commencement of your engagement, you will receive training for the specific role you have been engaged to perform. You are expected to participate in any training deemed necessary by us for you to reach the required levels of attainment standards. The cost of this mandatory training *will be borne by the ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES *is subject to a training agreement which requires repayment by you to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES of the cost of the training on a sliding scale in the event of the termination of your engagement within 6 MONTHS after commencing the training. No further training entitlement is offered by ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES.

We expect certain standards from you in respect of your behaviour and performance. If we have concerns over your behaviour or performance, we may address this with a view to enabling improvement, or, in certain circumstances, we will terminate the engagement with or without notice. You can find more information on these later on under “Standards of Behaviour” and “Standards of Performance”. If you have any concerns about any decisions taken in respect of your behaviour or performance, you should speak to ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team within 5 days of the decision being conveyed to you.

If you have any complaints about your engagement, you should raise these with your ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team. You can find more information on this under “Complaints” within policies and procedures.

ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES may end an agreed period of work at any time without prior notice or liability. You may terminate an agreed period of work at any time by immediately informing ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES. In certain circumstances, you may be removed from our list of work providers.

When required, we will operate a contributory pension scheme into which you will be auto-enrolled (subject to the conditions of the scheme). Further details are available from ESSENTIAL HOMECARE SERVICES Management Team.

I acknowledge receipt of this statement and agree that, for the purpose of the Working Time Regulations, any applicable entitlements and provisions constitute a relevant agreement.

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