Essential Homecare Services is a family run business dedicated to providing a high standard of care to the elderly and people with learning and physical disabilities to remain independent in the comfort of their own home.



Essential Homecare Services have systems and procedures in place to ensure quality of care.  Essential Homecare Services management annually visits service users for an internal review.  This process involves Essential Homecare Services receiving feed back form service uses about the care being provided by Essential Homecare Services.  Comments form service user‘s family and Trust representatives are sought. An annual questionnaire is sent to all service users form them to comment on care provision. A question is asked if they wish for Essential Homecare Services to visit to discuss any part of their care.

A 3 monthly monitoring visit to service users is made to ensure a high standard of care is being provided and that their care plan is being adhered to.

Staffs receive an annual supervision session where any performance issues Essential Homecare Services have can be addressed.  Quarterly monitoring / observations are done by Essential Homecare Services management to ensure a high standard of care.

Essential Homecare Services prepare a monthly report to collate all information regarding internal review, staff observation, comments made by service users / family/ Trust representatives.

An annual report is complied every year based on the annual questionnaire and learning outcomes form the years monitoring/ observation sessions. This report is shared with service users, staff, and Trust operational manager.

Security Clearance

Access NI

All employees have undergone a criminal records check through Access NI.


To Provide a High Standard of Care

Owner / Managers involved in day to day care (hands on) of service users and are always looking for feed back so we can constantly maintain a high standard and look for ways to improve our service.

Staff performance is a priority and with regular contact and appraisal we can identify training needs and ensure staffs have the skills and knowledge required to perform their duties to a high standard.

To Improve & Maintain Quality of Life

Quality of life is maintained through communication and sensory stimulation along with ensuring that service users are well washed dressed and are presentable.   Monitoring of   fluid and food intake will ensure good health.  Risk assessing the home environment will ensure safety.

Promote Independence

Prompting and encouraging the service user to do as much as they can under supervision as to there preference.

Preventing Instances of Abuse to Vulnerable People & Children 

Staff are trained as to the different forms of abuse, how to recognise them and hat action to take if they suspect an incident of abuse.

Risk Assessing 

Risk assessing is always ongoing to ensure the safety of the service user and staff attending.  If a risk is identified, then the appropriate professional (Physiotherapist / Occupational therapist) will be requested to assess and make a recommendation to eliminate that risk.

The Registered Providers

Mr Garry and Mrs Elizabeth Cavill are the directors of Essential Homecare Services

The registered Manager and responsible person with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority is:

Mrs Elizabeth Cavill / Mr Garry Cavill

G3 Sketrick House

Jubilee Road


BT23 4YH

Mr & Mrs Cavill are the founders of Essential Homecare Services and have been running the company successfully since 1997.  Elizabeth Cavill has been in the care industry since 1976 followed by Garry Cavill in 1985.  Garry and Elizabeth are both registered with The Northern Ireland Social Care Council.

Our Social Care Workers are inducted into the company by the Essential Homecare services Management Team to ensure a high standard of care is delivered. 

Complaints Procedure

Essential Homecare Services aim is to provide a high standard of care.  We can not accomplish this unless we are informed of any grievances you may have.

If you have a complaint contact a memebr of the Management Team by phone, email, or we will call and discuss your complaint with you personally.  A complaint form may be requested and sent out via post or email.

Your compliant will be addressed seriously and without delay and will be fully Investigated.

Essential Homecare Services will inform the Trust Representative of your compliant with in three working days.

You will be notified as to an outcome /response of your complaint within 14 working days

Stage 1 - If the matter is unresolved the help of the Trusts Representative will be sought.

Stage 2 - If you are not satisfied with HSC Trust response then we will forward you  complaint to Northern Ireland Ombudsman service (.NI commissioner of complaints)

The NI commissioner of complaints will be approached if the complain tent remains dissatisfied.

Essential Homecare Services will co-operate with HSC Trust and RQIA, NI Commissioner of Complaints if Any Complaints Are Investigated.

If a complaint relates to abuse, exploitation or neglect of a vulnerable adult/child Immediate action will be taken to safeguard the adult at risk. Keeping adults safe - policies and procedures will take effect.

If a complaint relates to Essential Homecare Services failure to comply with statutory regulation, then that complaint will be referred to RQIA, your complaint and our response will be made available to RQIA for inspection.

If a complaint relates to abuse, neglect, exploitation of a child then our child protection policies and procedures will take effect.

The following are relevant addresses and telephone numbers:

Organisational Structure

Mr & Mrs Cavill being the Directors are responsible for all aspects and the complete running and care provision being delivered.  All concerns and communication to and from staff or with any other professional body is done through the Management Team, which comprises of:

Garry & Elizabeth Cavill - Directors

Matthew Cavill - Operations Manager

Suzanne Gill - Care Delivery Manager

Philosophy of Care

At the start of any care provision a member of the Management Team will discuss and prepare a care plan with the service user ensuring that all aspects of assessed needs have been addressed. The service user will be encouraged to have a maximum input into the care plan to enable them to have a choice into how the care will be delivered.   Once this has been agreed a personal care plan will be drawn up and will require the service user’s signature to confirm they are agreeable to the tasks that will be preformed ensuring that they have a choice and that good and right decisions have been made.

All staff will treat service user and service user’s home with respect.  Confidentiality is enforced at all times.

Before any care is started a member of the Management Team will introduce the care team to the service user.  This gives the service user the peace of mind that no strange person will enter their home prior to an introduction.  All Social care staff will carry ID badges, with a verification number on the reverse side.

The care plan will be discussed and the service user’s choices and preferences will be highlighted, a routine will be set so all care teams are performing the tasks uniformly.

The Management Team will then monitor the team’s performance and visit them on a daily or weekly basis to encourage feed back as to the standard of care being provided.  A Family quality assurance form is kept in the client folder in the service user’s home which will be inspected at each visit by a member of the Management Team.

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